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What our clients say

"Delkap has been managing Princeton Cooperative for more than 20 years.  They have assisted this corporation in every facet of property management.  Their determination to provide transparency along with effective and efficient financial monitoring is unprecedented.  They have guided the cooperative in all required compliances with City, State and Federal regulations.  They interacted with the Board of Directors to insure the right vendor was chosen for the varied projects undertaken.  Delkap prides itself as a “hands-on” management company, giving its personal touch to every property it manages.  The Princeton cooperators are in good hands with DELKAP.    
It is a pleasure working with a management company of this caliber. "

Carmen Ruotolo, President, Princeton Cooperative

northridge complex"As a shareholder, Board Member and President I have found Delkap (President and staff) to be responsible and highly responsive to our needs (day, night, weekends or holidays). You can sleep well at night knowing that Delkap is there for you.

When New York was hit with a storm in 2011, a five story tree toppled over one of our buildings. I contacted Delkap's President (who was on vacation) and she had a contractor at our site within a few hours to have the tree removed - while the rest of the neighborhood scrambled to find a contractor.

Northridge engaged Delkap as its management company during a very difficult time. Its Board was in transition and Delkap's leadership and "hands-on approach" assisted the Board in resolving many of its management issues.

Through the years they have worked with the Board in making Northridge Cooperative Section I one of the most attractive and efficient cooperatives in Queens (as stated by many of the inspectors that have inspected our property). "

Iris Newsum, President, Northridge Cooperative Section I

"We have had over a twenty year relationship with Delkap Management. Integrity, honesty, availability, knowledgeable, helpful, are the words that come to mind. In this day and age, it is refreshing to know you are dealing with a company whose management and employees' work ethics can be described by those five words."

Howard Cooperative, Howard Beach, NY Board of Directors

"They're hands-on and pay a lot of attention to details. They are by far the best agency we've every had I couldn't believe at first that an agent could be that efficient and that honest. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it never did."

Mark Goldfarb, president of a 163 unit condo complex in Lindenwood as quoted in Habitat Magazine

villas at oceanside"Delkap has been managing our small community of 68 condominium units since it was completed in 2010. As a new community with very little cash reserves, Delkap provided the Board with contacts for local vendors at very competitive prices which wound up saving the community money and better services for our residents.

While there were no major complaints with the service being provided to the community by Delkap there was nothing that I would consider extraordinary; that is until the devastation of super storm Sandy devastated the region and our community. Six of the seven buildings of the complex had flooded during the storm, 31 of the 68 units were unlivable and had sea water damage throughout. The next morning, there was no electricity, no phones, the roads were barely passable and we don't get a messenger, we don't get a staff member, we get the owner of the company on site, seeing what was happening and getting to work to do whatever she could to get things moving. The next day we had flood disaster teams in to remove sheetrock and prevent mold from setting in. Our insurance carriers were informed right away of the extent of the damage and had executives fly in to authorize payments.

This insurance, I might add, was at the suggestion of the broker who Delkap put the Board into contact with and informed the Board that in her opinion, we were vastly underinsured. The Board took that advice, raised the common charges and paid for a larger and more comprehensive insurance policy than what the sponsor had left us with. While many would suggest that this is no extraordinary service since this is what they are paid to do, once you realize that Delkap was doing all of this before taking care of themselves. The Delkap offices were under water. They were working from their own homes with their personal cell phones to make sure that we were taken care of. Before they were able to put their house back in order, they ensured that their customers needs were being met. It was a very trying time for everyone as people were out of house and home and things could not be done fast enough. That is, until it was completed and everyone began to notice that we were back in our community yet there were many homstaffes in the neighborhood where work was at a standstill or had not begun. It was then that everyone could truly appreciate the hard work, dedication, experience and know-how that Delkap was able to provide. Sure no one is perfect and there will always be gripes from some, but in my experience, Delkap has strived to put customers first and make every effort to listen to complaints and correct them where needed.

There is no one I would rather have on the side of my community than Pam Delorme and Delkap Management."

Andrew Oliveras, President, Board of Managers The Villas Of Oceanside Condominium