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Delkap Management Technology

DELKAP utilizes a state-of-the-art computer system.  

Our BJ Murray /  Yardi system offers top-of-the-line documents and financials to our clients. 

Our bookkeeping set-up highlights accounting standards with its checks and balances on each account.  The services of each bookkeeper from receivables to payables to bank reconciliations includes oversite for each account.  The customized management report delivered to each board member monthly gives them a true synopsis of the month’s events from financial to site management.  It is the policy of DELKAP to make sure each board member is aware of the total picture.  Our communication system utilizes emails, phones, cell phones as well as many levels of client interface.  All agents are accessible 24 hours per day with office hours and daily live operator answering service after the close of business.  We strive to be available to be there for all the inquiries and emergencies.

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What our clients say

" Delkap has served as Northridge Cooperative Section I's (330 apartment units) management company since 2003.
I have lived here over 25 years (a Board Member for seven years and for the past 3 years I've served as its President.

As a shareholder, Board Member and President I have found Delkap (President and staff) to be responsible and highly responsive to our needs (day, night, weekends or holidays).
You can sleep well at night knowing that Delkap is there for you.

When New York was hit with a storm in 2011, a five story tree toppled over one of our buildings. I contacted Delkap's President (who was on vacation) and she had a contractor at our site within a few hours to have the tree removed - while the rest of the neighborhood scrambled to find a contractor.

Northridge engaged Delkap as its management company during a very difficult time. Its Board was in transition and Delkap's leadership and "hands-on approach" assisted the Board in resolving many of its management issues.

Through the years they have worked with the Board in making Northridge Cooperative Section I one of the most attractive and efficient cooperatives in Queens (as stated by many of the inspectors that have inspected our property). "

Iris Newsum, President, Northridge Cooperative Section I