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Building management services

DELKAP Management also provides its clients with twenty- four (24) hour emergency coverage.

DELKAP has customized a monthly management report for all Co-op and condominium complexes. The report will be delivered to the building in duplicate (depending on the number of Board members) prior to the monthly meeting.
The monthly management report contains:

  • principalsBoard Minutes ( If received)
  • The previous month's financial report
  • The list of paid and unpaid bills
  • A reconciled bank statement
  • A list of delinquent owners
  • All collection letters sent and delinquents notices sent
  • All legal correspondence
  • All correspondence sent and received building
  • All informative periodical and building wide correspondence that is relevant

All contractor proposals requested including engineering reports and relative drawings or specifications.

Treasurer or President will also receive copies of paid bills and monthly status reports of billing. NOTE: For those buildings only utilizing back office services these reports will be forwarded to you no later than the 25th of each month.



  • 24 hour emergency coverage
  • Process all phone inquiries, including answering service calls 24 hours per day.
  • Prepare notices of annual meeting, proxies, agenda and organize and conduct the organizational meeting of the community.
  • Collect, organize and maintain a complete file for the Association of all legal documents including public reports, declarations, By- Laws, insurance policies, owners list, correspondence, house and pool rules, blue prints and specifications.
  • Process City abatements including individual notifications according to directions from governing Board.
  • Process J51 documentation for city real estate credits.
  • Coordinate Local Law 11 requirements with all relative professionals.
  • Process work orders and common area repairs utilizing work orders with building staff intervention.
  • Supervise the coordination of building work maintenance with all relevant personnel.
  • Coordinate contractor specifications and job requirements between contractors and residents.
  • Obtain and analyze bids for insurance coverage, prepare claims, follow up on payment and act as representative in negotiating settlement. Work with professional architect, attorney, accountant.
    administrative staff


  • Collect maintenance fees, late fees and special assessments; deposit them in checking, savings or other accounts specific to the property and maintain comprehensive records thereof. Scan each individual check to be deposited directly into client account with the utilization of a comprehensive deposit ticket program, reducing error factor. Establish, as required, individual checking and sinking fund reserve accounts.
  • Set up investment accounts when requested renewing same as directed.
  • Mail delinquency notices to Owners in arrears and make every reasonable effort to collect delinquent accounts.
  •  Where applicable, assist with the investigation of different forms of financing or mortgage funding as requested by the covering Board.
  • In the event of failure to collect delinquent accounts, and at the direction of  the Board, pursue payment through collection agencies, attorneys or any other Board- authorized method.
  • Produce monthly financial reports detailing income and expense utilizing an approved operating budget for cost analysis and budget totals.
  • Work with the properties accountant of CPA firm to assist with the year end financial statement.
    ap staff


Managing Agents offer site management and oversite on each property in their portfolio. With over twenty years servicing the industry, their weekly interface with supers and staff enhances the effectiveness of ensuring the property its running well and meeting the needs of its residents. Whether it's making sure a clubhouse and amenities are ready each day for the gathering of residents or determining if the landscaping contractor or roofer are properly doing their jobs, it takes experience and knowledge in the field. DELKAP's agents have the "know-how" and work each day to make the properties they manage the very best they can be. For we continue to say, "When we look at property, we see people".
  • Where applicable, process all sales or rental applications according to the individual building standards. These items will be done in accordance with the building By- Laws and Declarations and resale/ rental programs.
  • Attend Board meetings to provide data, answer questions pertaining to computer operations and review monthly management report given to all Board members.
  • Assist in resolving individual Owner’s problems as they pertain to the property’s common elements and governing rules and regulations.
  • Attend governmental hearings, union disputes, and court appearances.
  • Prepare welcome kits for residents with relative information.
  • Large complexes can have onsite offices. Currently we have a site office in Jackson Heights and on Long Island..

What our clients say

"We have had over a twenty year relationship with Delkap Management.  Integrity, honesty, accessible, knowledgeable, helpful, are the words that come to mind.  In this day and age, it is refreshing to know you are dealing with a company whose management and employees’ work ethics can be described by those 5 words."

Howard Cooperative, Howard Beach, NY Board of Directors