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Delkap Management Building Management and Administration Financial Reports

Proper adminstration

Proper administration is a key to good building management. At Delkap, we take pride in our paperwork. Accountants, property managers and board members should all be able to make sense of each financial statement.

DELKAP has customized a monthly management report for all Co-op and condominium complexes. The report will be delivered to the building in duplicate (depending on the number of Board members) prior to the monthly meeting.

  1. Board Minutes ( If received)
  2. The previous month's financial report
  3. The list of paid and unpaid bills
  4. A reconciled bank statement
  5. A list of delinquent owners
  6. All collection letters sent and delinquents notices sent
  7. All legal correspondence
  8. All correspondence sent and received
  9. All informative periodical and building wide correspondence that is relevant
  10. All contractor proposals requested including engineering reports and relative drawings or specifications.
a few of our financial reports

Treasurer or President will also receive copies of paid bills and monthly status reports of billing.

Download a sample report(pdf).

What our clients say

"They're hands-on and pay a lot of attention to details. They are by far the best agency we've every had I couldn't believe at first that an agent could be that efficient and that honest. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it never did."

Mark Goldfarb, president of a 163 unit condo complex in Lindenwood as quoted in Habitat Magazine